COVID-19: Neurosoft equipment for treatment and rehabilitation

COVID-19: Neurosoft equipment for treatment and rehabilitation

  • 15 June 2020
  • COVID-19Achievements

Various diagnostic activities are essential for treatment and follow-up of patients with COVID-19.

According to COVID-19 treatment recommendations, standard ECG is required to quickly identify changes of patient’s state, prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases and assess cardiac toxicity of antibacterial drugs used for treatment of coronavirus pneumonia. To minimize specialist’s contact with the patient, it is advised to use mobile ECG recorder supporting a smartphone/tablet and Bluetooth. Portable wireless Poly-Spectrum-8/EX ECG system ensures 12-channel ECG recording in compliance with the respective recommendations and transfer of this data to the mobile device over Bluetooth.

The analysis of COVID-19 outbreaks in China and Spain demonstrate that neurologic conditions develop in most patients who recovered after severe form of coronavirus. That is why using EEG and EMG systems is highly recommended for elimination of such risk and for diagnostics of patients in serious condition. Over 60 EEG systems of Neuron-Spectrum series delivered to Russian medical facilities since the pandemic began help fighting the coronavirus infection.

It is known that coronavirus pneumonia causes fibrotic changes in lung tissues and patients after COVID-19 may suffer from breathing problems. For disease prognosis and monitoring the FVC test should be included in the list of minimum required diagnostic assessments in patients with pulmonary fibrosis due to COVID-19. Spiro-Spectrum spirometer by Neurosoft allows the full range of tests essential for monitoring of patients with pulmonary diseases including FVC and other relevant data.

According to the latest studies and guidelines, peripheral magnetic stimulation is another promising technique for treatment and rehabilitation of COVID-19 affected patients. It has proved effective for rehabilitation of patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Considering similar pathogenetic mechanisms causing weakness of respiratory muscles and muscles ensuring physical mobility, applying repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation in patients being in prone position during mechanical ventilation and were administered muscle relaxants is a rather progressive rehabilitation approach. It ensures more effective recovery of muscle function within a shorter period so to reduce respiratory function impairment, increase physical mobility and improve life quality. Neuro-MS/D magnetic stimulator allows for rehabilitation of COVID-19 affected patients using peripheral magnetic stimulation.

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