• painless non-stress procedure
  • proved effectiveness
  • wide-scope application



Magnetic field generated by the magnetic stimulator easily passes through clothes, skin, hair, bone and meninges. Reaching conductive structures that are roots, nerves and intramuscular axons, this field creates alternating electric current that can activate nerve conduction and contraction of muscles, including those lying deep and not accessible for other stimulation types and massage.

Besides, the mechanism underlying repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation is associated with ascending afferentation and can induce modulation of the sensory and motor cortical activity.

Neuro-MS/D magnetic stimulator complies with all clinical requirements and meets the demands of healthcare professionals. Portable trolley-based configuration includes the magnetic stimulator for high-frequency and high-intensity stimulation, an effective cooling system and flexible arm for coil positioning that stand for enhanced convenience.


  • pain
  • spasticity and movement disorders
  • facial and trigeminal neuropathy
  • cough assist in bed bound patients
  • after exercise muscle recovery
  • physical exercise
  • urology, proctology and gynecology
  • chronic pelvic pain syndrome
The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

Neuro-MS/D main unit1 pcs.
Neuro-MS/D cooling unit1 pcs.
End cap for Neuro-MS/D1 pcs.
Canister with a cooling liquid , 3 l1 pcs.
Cooled ring coil 150 mm RC-02-150-C1 pcs.
Hydraulic system adapter2 pcs.
Control cable for Neuro-MS/D cooling unit , DB-15M / DB-9F1 pcs.
Equipotential cable1 pcs.
СЕЕ 7/7 – IEC C13 mains supply cable2 pcs.
USB сable, А-В, 3 m1 pcs.
K-3 flexible arm for coil positioning1 pcs.
К-8 Coil holder , trolley/wall mounted1 pcs.
T-4/A trolley1 pcs.
NS4D 42006 3/8" quick connect coupling1 pcs.
Technical Manual "Neuro-MS/D"1 pcs.
Technical Manual «Coils for Magnetic Stimulatorr»1 pcs.
User manual «Neuro-MS.NET », ver.21 pcs.
Package2 pcs.
''Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation'' handbook by Moacyr Alexandro Rosa and Marina Odebrecht Rosa1 pcs.
1 pcs.
License for the use of software «Neuro-MS.NET»1 pcs.

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.