• diagnosis of lower urinary tract diseases
  • accuracy of measurements up to 1 g/ml
  • wireless UFM sensor
  • option of PAD testing
  • touch control and built-in thermal printer


Diagnosis of Lower Urinary Tract Diseases 

Uroflowmetry is the first step in the diagnosis of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms at the appointment of urologists, urogynecologists and neurourologists. Rivus uroflowmeter is designed to record the amount, flow rate, volume of urine and other physiological parameters during urination. Uroflowmetry is the key non-invasive urodynamic test that provides an objective and quantitative assessment of bladder function. 

Rivus uroflowmeter helps the practitioner to diagnose incontinence, stranguria, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, obstruction or disruption of the lower urinary tract. 

Wireless UFM Sensor 

Rivus uroflowmeter can operate both in wireless mode and using a wired connection of UFM sensor to terminal via a USB cable. If the physician’s working area and the uroflow test area are located in different rooms, it will be convenient to use the wireless connection. 

PAD Testing 

The uroflowmeter also performs PAD test. It enables to measure the pad weight before and after the test. PAD test allows objective assessing of involuntarily excreted urine amount. Currently PAD test is an additional option in the diagnostics of urinary incontinence. By default, Rivus software offers two types of tests to choose from: 1-hour and 24-hour tests. 

Touch Control System and Built-in Thermal Printer 

The device has a touchscreen interface. An intuitive and easy-to-use graphic interface allows you to easily enter patient’s data, perform tests, review and print test results. The built-in thermal printer provides instant printing of test reports. 

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

UFM sensor1 pcs.
Uroflow stand1 pcs.
Funnel1 pcs.
Funnel1 pcs.
Measuring mug 1 l1 pcs.
Roll ProMega 80 x 60 mm, 12 mm core thermal paper1 pcs.
Сonnective cable1 pcs.
Adapter "Rivus"1 pcs.
USB cable (A-B)1 pcs.
Power supply unit1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
Rivus software license1 pcs.
1 pcs.
Warranty card1 pcs.
Smart terminal MSPOST-T-f "v.001/80 without FMD1 pcs.