• 4 frequencies of the probe tone (226, 678, 800, 1000 Hz)
  • ipsi- and contralateral acoustic reflexes
  • wide range of stimuli for acoustic reflex
  • broad-band noise to work with the pediatric patients
  • testing of the patients with perforated tympanic membrane (ETF-2)



Portable system for diagnostics of the middle ear and tympanic membrane diseases

The aTymp tympanometer is a portable audiometric device intended for diagnostics of the middle ear and tympanic membrane diseases. The system is compatible with Android-based devices and personal computer (PC) with installed software.

The system can operate in a stand-alone mode for a long time, that’s why the aTymp is the best solution for on-site audiological examinations at high diagnostic level. A large memory capacity of the system is capable of storing almost unlimited number of audiological examinations.

Comprehensive examination of the middle ear

The aTymp system is intended to conduct acoustic impedance tests, namely, tympanometry, Eustachian tube function test (for intact and perforated tympanic membrane), acoustic reflex test, and acoustic reflex decay test. The system is also capable of patulous Eustachian tube testing. The aTymp can be used for examination of the auditory analyzer in patients of all ages.

High-frequency tympanometry

High-frequency tympanometry (1000 Hz probe tone) is recommended for hearing evaluation of newborns and infants. You can easily select the probe tone frequency and air pressure range without interrupting the examination. During one session up to 4 tympanograms with different settings can be obtained. The system can stop examination automatically when tympanogram peak pressure is detected. It helps to reduce testing time and protect ear from overpressure.

Modular design

The aTymp can be easily customized to fit your requirements. Start your work with a minimum set of techniques, if necessary, expand the tympanometer functionality to a clinical version; there is no need to buy a new device.

PC-based operation

Connect the aTymp to the PC and you will get a unified workspace for the audiologist. The system is connected to the PC with installed Neuro-Audio.NET software via USB.

Mobile terminal with built-in thermal printer

No additional equipment is required for aTymp to print out the results, since the system has a built-in thermal printer.

The mobile terminal has a touchscreen interface. The 5.5 inch touchscreen display presents intuitive and simple graphic interface. All required options are in one spot. You can enter patient’s data, perform the tests, review and print the results with just a simple touch of your finger.

Android compatible

By default, the aTymp is supplied with a mobile terminal with a built-in printer, but it can also work with many Android-based smartphones and tablets with USB On-The-Go feature and USB-C connector. All you need is to choose a device with the screen size and battery capacity you are comfortable with.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

aTymp electronic unit1 pcs.
SUNMI V1S terminal1 pcs.
Cable USB-С/Mini USB-B1 pcs.
Holder1 pcs.
Shoulder harness for impedance unit1 pcs.
OAE probe tip1 pcs.
Probe tip extractor1 pcs.
Superfloss Regular dental floss1 pcs.
Bluetooth adapter1 pcs.
Set of disposable eartips (universal)1 pcs.
TC-2 test cavity1 pcs.
Test cavity1 pcs.
aTymp user manual1 pcs.
Warranty certificate1 pcs.
Neuro-Audio-Screen Manager software manual1 pcs.
User manual for Smart mobile terminal1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
aTymp insert1 pcs.
Insert1 pcs.
Audio-SMART software license with Audio-SMART/AR additional software module1 pcs.
Audio-SMART software license with Audio-SMART/TYMP additional software module1 pcs.
Neuro-Audio-Screen manager software license1 pcs.


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