CFM Software

  • compatible with any other digital EEG and EP system manufaсtured by Neurosoft
  • early detection, diagnostics of the neonatal central nervous system (CNS) abnormalities and assessment of the brain maturation in premature infant
  • 24-hour cerebral function monitoring
  • calculation of aEEG trends



Many newborns at present time require a cerebral function monitoring. In the countries with the most developed medicine every newborn with the minimal suspected cerebral function disorders, which can occur due to genetic factors and as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, passes monitoring.

For the newborns with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy a cerebral function monitoring in a number of international recommendations is a mandatory screening method to detect asymptomatic abnormal epileptiform electrical activity of the brain.

Delivery Set

Equipment for cerebral function monitoring "Neuron-Spectrum-CFM"1 pcs.
CFM pod , 2 m1 pcs.
Disposable ECG electrode , 23*30 mm, 50 sm cable180 pcs.
Disposable ECG electrode PG10S , 23 mm x 30 mm60 pcs.
Set of cup electrodes , 6 ps.1 pcs.
Disposable subdermal single needle electrode with cable S50716, 1 m6 pcs.
Y-adapter1 pcs.
Abrasive paste for skin preparation Everi , 160 g.1 pcs.
Electrode adhesive paste TEN20 , 114 g.1 pcs.
Medical tape Transpore , 5 sm х 9.1 m1 pcs.
Ruler 25 mm1 pcs.
Ruler 35 mm1 pcs.
Calibration Guidelines "Neuromonitor. Electrode placement tips"1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
License for the use of software "Neuron-Spectrum.NET" with additional software module "Neuron-Spectrum.NET/СFM"1 pcs.

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

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