Long-term Video EEG Monitoring System

  • compatible with any Neurosoft EEG system
  • synchronous video recording from up to 3 cameras
  • day and night video recording with infrared hightlighting
  • LAN connection to ensure free moving of a patient


  • Synchronous long-term recording of EEG and video data from up to 3 cameras and audio data from up to 3 microphones. The synchronization accuracy is 1 frame
  • Control of camera position ("tracking") and zoom with the computer
  • Adjustment of camera position using up to 6 presets
  • Night video monitoring with the special video camera or infrared highlighting
  • Instantaneous compresion of video image and audio information
  • Marking of the arbitrary events during the recording
  • Synchronous review of the recorded EEG and video information on one (PiP) or two monitors with the normal or increased speeds, by frames
  • Instantaneous positioning of video image by EEG temporal slice, electroencephalogram by video frame, instantaneous positioning to the selected event marker, video fragment or time slice
  • Compressed (on one screen) representation of the recorded EEG (as trended EEG or pseudo-3D spectrum), instantaneous displaying of raw EEG and video data regarding the trend with one mouse click
  • Wide capabilities to edit video record and both video record and EEG.
    * Neuron-Spectrum-Video software is included in Neuron-Spectrum-PSG equipment for polysomnography study

Neuron-Spectrum-Video software module is intended for the synchronous long-term recording of EEG, PSG, video data from up to 3 cameras (with position and zoom control), and audio information from up to 3 microphones. The applications include epileptology and polysomnography.


Delivery Set

Equipment for long-term video EEG monitoring "Neuron-Spectrum-Video"1 pcs.
PTZ IP 4x zoom dome camera Dahua1 pcs.
Hanging Mount Adapter Dahua PFA1031 pcs.
Wall Mount Bracket Dahua DH-PFB30251 pcs.
Video camera tripod HAMA Star61,600-1530 mm1 pcs.
GST25E12-P1J Industrial adaptor , Mean Well1 pcs.
Camera tripod mount plate1 pcs.
Patch cord UTP3 pcs.
Electrode system MCSсap-26, Sleep, S (42-48 sm)1 pcs.
Electrode system MCSсap-26, Sleep, М (48-54 sm)1 pcs.
Electrode system MCSсap-26, Sleep, L (54-60 sm)1 pcs.
Adapter for electrode cap connection DB25F-DB25M1 pcs.
Wireless router1 pcs.
USB-LAN hub КМ-52Е1 pcs.
KM-52Е USB/LAN hub1 pcs.
SCZ-1 mains supply cable1 pcs.
Technical manual “KМ-52Е USB-LAN Hub”1 pcs.
Power extension cable1 pcs.
Guidelines "Dahua DH-SD29204T-GN Video Camera"1 pcs.
Package set2 pcs.
License for Neuron-Spectrum.NET software with additional Neuron-Spectrum.NET/Video software module1 pcs.

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

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