Software and equipment "Neuro-EP"

Software and equipment

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

Equipment for short-, middle- and long-latency auditory, somatosensory, visual and cognitive EP study ''Neuro-EP'' for ''Neuro-EMG''1 pcs.
Auditory-visual stimulator unit1 pcs.
Patient button (USB connector)1 pcs.
Visual stimulator (LED goggles)1 pcs.
TDH-39 auditory stimulator (3.5 stereo)1 pcs.
SVGA extension cable1 pcs.
KM-7-2 USB hub with cable1 pcs.
USB-hub KM-7-2 electronic unit1 pcs.
USB cable (A-B)1 pcs.
SCZ-1 mains supply cable1 pcs.
Technical manual «KM-7-2 USB Hub»1 pcs.
USB cable (A-B)1 pcs.
Neuro-MEP.NET software license with Neuro-MEP.NET/EP module1 pcs.