Multi-ASSR option

Software for Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) Study

  • acurate and objective response detection 
  • full control
  • masking noise
  • automatic hearing threshold determination
  • residual noise calculation
Multi-ASSR option


Estimation of behavioral audiograms with ASSR. The results of ASSR testing can be used to estimate the behavioral pure tone audiogram in cases when traditional audiometric testing can't be performed (for example, in infants and toddlers).

Acurate and Objective Response Detection 

F-test response detection method accurately and objectively predicts behavioral audiometric thresholds (based on the analysis of the EEG spectrum). The principal component analysis (PCA) method reduces the impact of muscle-induced noises. The fruitful combinaon of 2-channel recording, Chirp stimulus and weighted averaging allows achieving the most accurate results.

Full Control

You can independently control any of 8 frequencies in multi-ASSR test. Depending on patient's state (awake/asleep) you can change the modulation frequency during testing. Also you can change the maximum test duration. Signal (EEG) monitoring is always visible on the screen. All of these allow you to have the full control of the test. 

Masking Noise

Masking (white noise) allows obtaining accurate audiometric thresholds even in patients suffering from unilateral or conducve hearing loss.

Automatic Hearing Threshold Determination

The hearing threshold determination is done automacally with a specified step (in dB) and within selected smulus intensity range. This makes the test significantly easier to perform and saves your time.

Residual Noise Calculation

The monitoring of residual noise (RN) and response amplitude (A) for each frequency helps answering the queson, whether to stop the recording or continue it. It gives you confidence in the obtained results and shortens the test time.