0 to 100 Magnetic Stimulators: More Than One Hundred TMS Machines in Australia

0 to 100 Magnetic Stimulators: More Than One Hundred TMS Machines in Australia

  • 7 October 2021

Neurosoft devices are scattered all over the world. Recently we reported about the first deliveries of the new generation magnetic stimulator Neuro-MSX. Since then, the geography of these magnetic stimulators has expanded significantly. Neuro-MSX machines now also work in Australia, Germany, Algeria, Morocco, Great Britain... Neurosoft magnetic stimulators has been confidently conquering the world for 15 years.

AIMedical International Pty Ltd., our representative in Australia and New Zealand, recently informed us that they has celebrated the "anniversary": there are already 100 Neurosoft magnetic stimulators operating in these countries! The first device was installed by our partners in 2015, and this became the starting point for our joint fruitful work. The milestone of 100 systems was crossed in 6 years. How long do you think it will take to double this number?

We do our best to ensure that as many specialists as possible around the world become satisfied owners of our devices.

And while this news was being prepared for publication, the number of Neurosoft magnetic stimulators in Australia and Oceania continued to grow: already 105!

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