COVID-19: consequences

COVID-19: consequences

  • 30 April 2020
  • ScienceApprovalsCOVID-19

On March 11, WHO announced an outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 as a pandemic.

The virus infects the epithelial cells of the lower respiratory tract, causing destruction or destruction of the alveoli, which leads to a sharp breakdown of the immune system. From the 9-14th day of the disease, with weakened immunity and the attachment of a bacterial infection, viral-bacterial pneumonia develops.

After pneumonia COVID-19, a sharp increase in pulmonary fibrosis is predicted. Fibrous changes lead to a violation of the elastic properties of the lung, and, as a result of this, there is a decrease in pulmonary volume, an increase in energy consumption for ventilation.

Respiratory functional tests are used to diagnose ventilation disorders in pulmonary fibrosis, and to predict and monitor the course of the disease. Therefore, the minimum volume of examinations should include the mandatory determination of FVC in patients with pulmonary fibrosis after COVID infection.

Given the scale of the pandemic in the world, the number of patients with respiratory diseases will increase significantly. For the diagnosis, monitoring, and prognosis of patients who have undergone viral-bacterial pneumonia, after a pandemic is completed, a wide coverage of spirometric examinations will be required.

PC-based spirometer Spiro-Spectrum allows you to carry out the full range of examinations needed to monitor patients with lung diseases, including measuring FVC and other prognostically significant indicators. Learn more about Spiro-Spectrum and its use in the treatment of patients with pulmonary diseases here.

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