COVID-19: peripheral magnetic stimulation for rehabilitation

COVID-19: peripheral magnetic stimulation for rehabilitation

  • 10 June 2020

The number of patients affected by COVID-19 and requiring rehabilitation after a long-term treatment is growing day by day. Here comes the repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation as an advanced technique that can help restore muscle function to reduce respiratory impairment.

The repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation is a therapeutic technique when pulsed magnetic field is applied for stimulation of different tissues and muscles of the peripheral nervous system. The physiological basis of this technique is that the current induced by magnetic field activates the conductive structures that are roots and intramuscular axons of peripheral and central nervous systems. If compared to electrical stimulation, the magnetic stimulation ensures deeper penetration into tissue and absence of painful sensations that usually occur due to activation of skin receptors under the electrode.

According to literature data, peripheral magnetic stimulation has proved successful for rehabilitation of patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease): stimulation of lower limb muscles increases muscle strength, exercise tolerance and improves life quality according to SF-36 and SGRQ scales.

Considering similar pathogenetic mechanisms causing weakness of respiratory muscles and muscles ensuring physical mobility, applying repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation in patients being in prone position during mechanical ventilation and were administered muscle relaxants is a rather progressive rehabilitation approach. It ensures more effective recovery of muscle function within a shorter period so to reduce respiratory function impairment, increase physical mobility and improve life quality.

Neuro-MS/D magnetic stimulator complies with all clinical requirements and meets the demands of healthcare specialists. Portable trolley-based configuration includes the magnetic stimulator for high-frequency and high-intensity stimulation, an effective cooling system and flexible arm for coil positioning.

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