New Tympanometer aTymp

New Tympanometer aTymp

  • 16 March 2023
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The aTymp tympanometer is a portable audiometric device intended for diagnostics of the middle ear and tympanic membrane diseases.

Its benefits:

  • 4 frequencies of the probe tone (226, 678, 800, 1000 Hz);
  • ipsi- and contralateral acoustic reflexes;
  • wide range of stimuli for acoustic reflex;
  • broad-band noise to work with the pediatric patients;
  • testing of the patients with perforated tympanic membrane (ETF-2).

The aTymp can be easily customized to fit your requirements. Start your work with a minimum set of techniques, if necessary, expand the tympanometer functionality to a clinical version; there is no need to buy a new device. No additional equipment is required for aTymp to print out the results, since the system has a built-in thermal printer.

Learn more about our new product here.
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