Rivus: an uroflowmeter for objective assessment of bladder function

Rivus: an uroflowmeter for objective assessment of bladder function

  • 8 July 2024
  • Achievements

We are pleased to present you the Rivus uroflowmeter! This device allows to objectively and quantitatively assess the work of the bladder.

We are constantly developing and striving for new achievements, creating innovative equipment for objective diagnostics of physiological parameters. One of these devices is the Rivus. This is a convenient and functional solution for uroflowmetry in a new direction for us:

  • The uroflowmetric sensor can be used wirelessly, which is convenient if the doctor and patient are in different rooms.
  • The examination can be automatically performed without prior registration of the patient and quickly printed.
  • The uroflowmeter has a large set of functionality. The device enables you to gather user data and compare the outcomes of three tests over time. The device allows you to assess not only physiological parameters but also evaluate involuntary urination using a PAD test.

You can always find out more about the new device here.

If you would like to purchase Rivus or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone +7 4932 95-99-99 or by e-mail We are looking forward to answering all your questions!