• Solutions for ECG, Stress Testing and CPET: Joint Neurosoft - Geratherm-Respiratory Webinar

  • 15 July 2020 04:00 PM – 06:00 PM (MSK)


Neurosoft (Russia) and Geratherm-Respiratory (Germany) medical equipment manufacturers invite you to participate in their joint webinar "Solutions for ECG, Stress Testing and CPET".

The webinar will be dedicated to the solutions for ECG practice, including resting ECG, HRV analysis, stress testing, and CPET. At the webinar, we will present you CE approved Poly-Spectrum-8/EX (Neurosoft) ECG system. The equipment allows performing a wide range of ECG tests and can be used for cardiopulmonary exercise testing with Ergostik with BlueCherry® software (Geratherm-Respiratory) system.

We will demonstrate how to perform the following tests using Poly-Spectrum-8/EX (Neurosoft) and Ergostik with BlueCherry® software (Geratherm-Respiratory):

  • Resting ECG test with measurement and interpretation
  • Exercise stress test
  • Test to study autonomic nervous system with HRV analysis
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET)

At the end of webinar you will be able to ask questions to Nikolay Smirnov, Neurosoft chief commercial officer, Maxim Blokhin, Neurosoft ECG product manager, Fedor Fomin, Neurosoft medical consultant, and Thomas-C. Bindig, Geratherm-Respiratory vice president of sales.

Click here to download the webinar program.

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