International Clinical TMS Certification Course

International Clinical TMS Certification Course

  • 4–6 September 2024
  • London, the United Kingdom, Hallam Conference Centre
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The Academy of Brain Stimulation offers the International Clinical TMS Certification Course. This 3-day academic course is taught by internationally renowned experts in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation. 

This accredited TMS Training Course educates clinicians and researchers worldwide on how to offer TMS as therapy in psychiatry, neurology, and rehabilitation. It is also one of the few to provide CME credits. Suitable for medical specialists, clinical practitioners, health care professionals, therapists, psychologists, researchers, nurses, lab assistants and technicians, this comprehensive TMS training and certification program covers the entire spectrum of TMS applications –  from fundamentals of TMS to the latest overview of effective TMS protocols and the most recent developments for optimizing clinical efficacy.

The International Clinical TMS Certification Course is among the most established and best evaluated in the world. Participants will receive a balanced mix of academic lectures and intensive hands-on sessions. All lectures are provided by internationally renowned experts who will be present the entire full three days of the course, allowing interactivity and opportunities to address any and all questions you might have, pertaining to your own plans or practice.

Hands-on training is offered in newly developed training routines available on various TMS systems including Neuro-MSX, Neurosoft TMS system. These intensive practical operator trainings are closely supervised by our expert staff offering one-on-one guidance and supervision. Each participant is trained on the entirety of TMS application procedures.

The interactive Q&A sessions, and the small group size during the intensive hands-on trainings enable each participant to offer TMS as a therapy to their patients. This intensive course also offers the unique opportunity to connect to both, the academic and clinical Experts teaching this course as well as other colleagues from all over the world, allowing you to become part of a professional network of TMS practitioners.

The program concludes with the awarding of our Clinical TMS Certification.

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