The Congress is organized by the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians founded in 1960. The main aim is to join efforts of interested specialists to provide attention to people in need of hearing aid. The International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians is an excellent platform for achieving the goal.

The congress program is broad-ranging. It includes both scientific lectures featuring the latest international studies and the exhibition in Hall 6 at which more than a hundred participants are going to showcase their latest developments in the field of audiology and hearing aid.

The Neurosoft Company will present the following equipment for audiology:
Clinical ABR and OAE Analyzer, Screening Audiometer Neuro-Audio;
aScreen system for DPOAE and TEOAE testing;
Portable System for Diagnostics and Screening Audio-SMART.

At our stand № 3А.125 you can meet Nickolay Smirnov, Chief Commercial Officer of Neurosoft, and the company leading developer in audiology Mikhail Soganov.

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