Surgeon driven system for Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

  • intraoperative monitoring without a neurophysiologist’s participation
  • 8 bipolar channels: monitoring of endocrine, maxillofacial and ENT operations
  • just turn on the device and start monitoring
  • loud sound signal of different tones to indicate responses
  • wide range of consumables available


Intraoperative monitoring without the participation of a neurophysiologist

Neuro-IOM/SOLO is an 8-channel intraoperative neuromonitoring system with a touchscreen, designed specifically for use by a surgeon. Participation of a neurophysiologist is not necessary. The electronic unit is equipped with a tablet, which can be placed next to the surgeon. At the same time, when stimulating nerve structures in the surgical field, the specialist sees instant responses on the display of a tablet clearly and without any insufficient information.

8 bipolar channels: monitoring of endocrine, maxillofacial and ENT operations

Neuro-IOM/SOLO allows monitoring via 8 bipolar channels, which is suitable for endocrine, maxillofacial and ENT surgery. The system allows monitoring in 4 modalities - evoked and spontaneous EMG, DNS, TOF.

Just turn on the device and start monitoring

Working with the device is as simple as possible - to start monitoring, you just need to turn on the device and begin the operation with a preset monitoring template. There is no need to make complicated settings.

Loud sound signal of different tones to indicate responses

The convenience of Neuro-IOM/SOLO also lies in the speakers built into the device, which allow the operating doctor not to be distracted from actions in the surgical field. Using a special stimulating electrode, the surgeon delivers a stimulus to physiological structures during surgery and can distinguish responses by ear from different tones of sound from speakers.

Wide range of consumables available

With Neuro-IOM/SOLO you can use various electrodes for stimulation of neuromuscular structures - monopolar, bipolar and concentric, as well as concentric stimulating electrodes. To remove electrophysiological signals, you can use any electrodes convenient for a specialist. Their range can be found in the IOM accessories catalogue of the Neurosoft company.

Basic solutions for IOM in a comfortable design

Neuro-IOM/SOLO is a compact device that is equipped with a convenient folding handle that allows you to carry it comfortably. The tablet for visual display of responses can be placed on the device itself in an ergonomic magnetic mount.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.