2-channel Ultraportable EMG and NCS System with a Built-in Keyboard

  • 2 channels are optimized to perform quickly motor and sensory conduction tests, needle EMG
  • portable, can operate with notebook
  • all-in-one: stimulators, acquisition channels, controls, display
  • high acquisition quality: sampling rate – up to 100 kH
  • electrical stimulator with ultra-fast switching between two outputs


2 Channels are Optimized to Perform Quickly Motor and Sensory Conduction Tests, Needle EMG

97% of all EMG tests are done with the use of one channel. First device channel is set by default to connect electrodes for motor conduction measurement and second channel is used to plug in electrodes to measure sensory conduction. Such channel separation speeds up the exam performing. As soon as the motor conduction velocity is measured, run sensory conduction velocity test and program will start the response acquisition using the second channel.

Portable, Can Operate with Notebook

The device is connected to computer via USB cable. This cable allows to upload data and to power the device. EMG study room can be opened at any spot as far as the device can operate from notebook battery without using mains supply.

All-in-one: Stimulators, Acquisition Channels, Controls, Display

Thanks to built-in keyboard EMG study becomes simple and fast. In average an experienced specialist performs standard EMG study 1.5 times faster with such keyboard in comparison with use of standard computer keyboard and mouse.

The color display shows stimulation parameters and electrode placement quality. With Neuro-MEP-Micro this data is always at hand.

High Acquisition Quality: Sampling Rate – up to 100 kHz

High sampling rate and ADC capacity at signal digitization allow to obtain quality traces under any circumstances:

  • perform acquisition without special grounding, when computer is powered from common three-wire system;
  • obtain sensory responses after first stimulus evoking (without averaging)

Neuro-MEP-Micro channels are optimized to record needle EMG. Besides the noise immunity is considerably increased. It makes needle EMG study faster and improves the quality of needle EMG acquisition.

Electrical Stimulator with Ultra-fast Switching Between Two Outputs

Two outputs to plug in the electrical stimulator are software-controlled. They allow to place two stimulating electrodes on a patient and connect them to device. During the exam it is not required to switch the electrodes as the stimulating electrode is selected with the use of software.
To attach the stimulating electrode, one can use either touch-proof or DIN connector.

The list of articles on research using Neuro-MEP-Micro at Google Scholar.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.