Full-featured 8-channel NCS, EMG and Multi-modality EP System

  • 8 high-quality acquisition channels
  • easy-to-use EMG system of expert class
  • multi-modality EP in base delivery set
  • EMG according to international standards
  • modular architecture


8 High-quality Acquisition Channels

The device contains 8 high-quality channels with both touch-proof and DIN outputs. Noise-free EMG signals allow using device both for routine EMG studies and during the intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.

Easy-to-use EMG System of Expert Class

Neuro-MEP-8 takes the convenience and ergonomics of EMG systems to the next level.
Using the dedicated keyboard you can easily start and stop the stimulation, change the stimulus intensity and duration, arrange marker positions, run new tests, start signal monitoring, enter the measured distance, etc. The adjustable electro stimulating probe is equipped with buttons to run single and repetitive stimulation, separate button to change the stimulus polarity and scroller to increase/decrease the stimulus intensity. This probe is convenient to use for right-handed and left-handed specialists. The footswitch with software-controlled buttons to run and stop stimulation frees your hands and lets you focus on complex nerve searching. In case of an infant you can pay more attention to a patient.

Multi-modality EP in Base Delivery Set

Sometimes the myography can not answer all diagnostic questions. Often a neurophysiologist should study also the evoked potentials. Neuro-MEP-8 has built-in stimulators to record EP of all modalities. Besides, the unique software makes this process quick and easy.

EMG According to International Standards

Using Neuro-MEP-8 you can perform almost all known EMG, NCS and EP techniques. In recent decades the technique standards are accepted and established. These are special algorithms to study different pathologies, calculations intended for each test, reference values, etc. It is very important for a professional to be equipped with all the techniques even if some of them are used rare. The list of tests made with Neuro-MEP-8 meets the international standards of EMG and EP study.

Modular Architecture

Neuro-MEP-8 consists of the following units:

  • two 4-channel amplifiers
  • auditory-visual stimulator
  • electrical stimulator
  • keyboard to quickly execute the most often used commands.
  • footswitch

All electronic units are connected to computer via USB. It allows combining them flexibly to arrange a configuration corresponding to your own requirements. For example, to solve intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring tasks, you can use four 4-channel amplifiers instead of two ones and plug in direct nerve stimulator instead of electrical stimulator. To study the sensory conduction collision, plug in the second electrical stimulator into available USB port.

It is possible to connect up to 10 different USB units in different configurations. 

The list of articles on research using Neuro-MEP-8 at Google Scholar.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

Neuro-MEP amplifier unit2 pcs.
Auditory-visual stimulator unit1 pcs.
Electrical stimulator1 pcs.
H-4S Holder1 pcs.
Mounting plate for two amplifier units1 pcs.
Holder mount1 pcs.
Dedicated keyboard DK-021 pcs.
DK-02 dedicated keyboard1 pcs.
Bluetooth adapter1 pcs.
USB cable (A-B)1 pcs.
Technical manual «DK-02 Dedicated Keyboard»1 pcs.
Package1 pcs.
Electrode holder2 pcs.
Patient button (USB connector)1 pcs.
KM-7-2 USB hub with cable2 pcs.
USB-hub KM-7-2 electronic unit1 pcs.
USB cable (A-B)1 pcs.
SCZ-1 mains supply cable1 pcs.
Technical manual «KM-7-2 USB Hub»1 pcs.
Footswitch (USB)1 pcs.
USB cable (A-B)2 pcs.
SVGA extension cable1 pcs.
TDH-39 auditory stimulator (3.5 stereo)1 pcs.
Visual stimulator (LED goggles)1 pcs.
Ten20 сonductive paste1 pcs.
Сonductive and abrasive paste, G999 (EVERI)1 pcs.
Transpore medical tape1 pcs.
Stimulating bar electrode SBE-2 (adult)1 pcs.