• evaluation of masticatory muscle function at both sides simultaneously
  • dentistry-specific techniques


In dental clinics studying the facial muscles is sometimes required besides the dental care itself.

Neuro-EMG-Micro-4 is a 4-channel NCS, EMG and multi-modality EP system that allows evaluating the function of 2 main masticatory muscles at both sides simultaneously.

Dentistry-specific techniques

Neuro-EMG-Micro-4 allows performing facial nerve conduction study, blink reflex test, mastication activity test to evaluate Temporalis and Masseter muscle activity, trigeminal EP acquisition to study the trigeminal nerve.

The list of articles on research using Neuro-EMG-Micro-4 at Google Scholar.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

Neuro-MEP-41 pcs.
T-3/A trolley1 pcs.