21-channel Upgradeable EEG System with EP Capabilities

  • full-featured neurophysiological laboratory at your fingertips
  • 21 EEG channels + 9 channels to record any physiological signals from EOG to short-latency EP
  • impedance measurement button on EEG unit
  • 10 options to expand device functions starting from PSG and long-term monitoring to EMG
  • powerful remote monitoring



Full-featured Neurophysiological Laboratory at Your Fingertips

The high-quality amplifier can be used for: routine EEG, long-term EEG monitoring, study of evoked potentials of all modalities (somatosensory, visual, auditory or cognitive), scientific researches. The main difference between Neuron-Spectrum-4/EPM and other digital EEG and EP systems is that it is already equipped with the set of stimulators for EP acquisition. Thus you can start your neurophysiological studies at once. The system can be later upgraded to full-featured 4-channel EMG device.

21 EEG Channels + 9 Channels to Record any Signals from EOG to Short-latency EP

The device is equipped with:

  • 21 EEG channels
  • 4 polygraphic channels with up to 16 000 Hz sampling rate to record any signals from EOG to short-latency EP
  • 1 ECG channel
  • 1 breath channel
  • 2 direct current channels (in most cases are used to record data from body position sensors)
  • visual, auditory, electrical and pattern stimulators
  • additional SpO2 channel can be built-in at your request

Impedance Measurement Button on EEG Unit

To facilitate the device use, we equipped the front panel with handy button. It allows a medical practitioner to measure impedance at the spot just after the electrode placement on a patient. There is no need to press buttons on a computer. The impedance values of all the electrodes are indicated on the front panel by colored LED indicators. Besides, this button allows to run EEG signal monitoring and recording. 

10 Options to Expand Device Functions Starting from PSG and Long-term Monitoring to EMG

It is possible to expand system functionality by 10 different options which add EMG, ERG, PSG, CFM, long- and short-latency EP capabilities.

Powerful Remote Monitoring

You can observe the EEG acquisition from next room or building using LAN. The recorded exams can be uploaded automatically to cloud storage of your choice to get an access to them from your home PC, your notebook or tablet PC. Wherever you are, you can easily start working with them.

The list of articles on research using Neuron-Spectrum-4/EPM at Google Scholar.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

Neuron-Spectrum-4/EPM electronic unit1 pcs.
Stand for electronic unit SU-31 pcs.
Stand mount1 pcs.
LED photic stimulator PhS-11 pcs.
Stand for LED photic stimulator SU-81 pcs.
Equipment for short- and long-latency EP study using 4 polygraphic channels ''Neuron-Spectrum-EP''1 pcs.
Cup EP electrode with cable EEP , 8 pcs., 1 m1 pcs.
Y-adapter2 pcs.
Visual stimulator , LED goggles1 pcs.
Auditory stimulator TDH-39 , 3.5 stereo, headphones1 pcs.
Stimulating bar electrode SBE-2, adult1 pcs.
Adapter for pattern-stimulator connection1 pcs.
Patient button , with USB connector1 pcs.
Electrode adhesive paste TEN20 , 114 g.1 pcs.
Abrasive paste for skin preparation Everi , 160 g.1 pcs.
Medical tape Transpore , 5 sm х 9.1 m1 pcs.
Set of EEG electrodes , 25 bridge electrodes NS015106.007, 3 ear electrodes NS015106.0151 pcs.
EEG helmet , blue: 54-621 pcs.
EEG helmet , green: 48-541 pcs.
EEG helmet , yellow: 42-481 pcs.
Cable for bridge or ear EEG electrode, white, 1m22 pcs.
Cable for bridge or ear EEG electrode, red, 1 m2 pcs.
Cable for bridge or ear EEG electrode, black, 1 m1 pcs.
Reusable limb clamp ECG electrode F9024SSC , adult4 pcs.
3-lead ECG cable , 3 m1 pcs.
Technical Manual "Neuron-Spectrum-5, 5/S, 4/EPM, 4/EPM/S"1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
License for Neuron-Spectrum.NET software with additional Neuron-Spectrum.NET/LEP software module1 pcs.
License for Neuro-MEP.NET software with additional Neuro-MEP.NET/EP software module1 pcs.

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.


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