12-Channel Digital System for Resting ECG

  • 12 high-quality standard ECG leads
  • automatic ECG measurement and interpretation
  • automatic report generation
  • printing of exam report on regular printer paper
  • detection of pacemaker pulses
  • unlimited possibilities for functional extension: exercise stress testing, HRV, QTd, VLP, etc.


12 High-Quality Standard ECG Leads

What is more important for resting ECG than accurate result in minimum time? These advantages are incorporated in Poly-Spectrum-8/E digital system – a robust ECG device with high-performance technical specifications. High sampling rate, a hardware module for compensation of patient cable capacitance caused by its vibrations and a set of powerful digital filters ensure excellent-quality ECG under any conditions.

Automatic ECG Measurement and Interpretation

In ECG measurement and interpretation mode, a physician can see the selected QRS complex or the one averaged by the selected epoch. The software automatically sets the markers at the reference points of the QRS complex. The generated interpretation is shown in the same window. By clicking the QRS complex at any trace, the physician can zoom the trace for a detailed view, perform the necessary measurements and correct marker positions manually.

Automatic Report Generation

When the analysis is completed, the report is generated automatically. It includes visualization of QRS complexes for all leads, measurement tables and result interpretation. A physician can make any changes to the report. The report can be also generated and printed automatically after the study without preview.

Printing of Exam Report on Regular Printer Paper

Most stationary ECG systems require an expensive thermal paper to print exam reports. Another advantage of our ECG system is the possibility to print the exam report on a regular printer paper using the ink-jet or wireless thermal printer.

Detection of Pacemaker Pulses

A built-in pacemaker pulse detector allows performing examinations of patients with implanted pacemakers and carrying out exercise tests and electrophysiology studies using transesophageal cardiac stimulation.

Unlimited Possibilities for Functional Extension: Exercise Stress Test, HRV, QTd, VLP, etc.

The broad functionality of Poly-Spectrum-8/E assured by the optional software modules and accessories will enable you to perform exercise testing, heart rate variability (HRV) and QT dispersion (QTd) analyses as well as to detect ventricular late potential (VLP).

Exercise Stress Testing

Poly-Spectrum.NET/Ergo module is intended for exercise stress testing under ECG control using the bicycle ergometer or treadmill. The software includes all conventional test protocols including ramp protocol. Purchasing this module will expand Poly-Spectrum-8/E system to Ergopoint ECG stress test system.

Heart Rate Variability Analysis

Poly-Spectrum.NET/Rhythm module  is intended for investigation of the heart rate regulation by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) as well as for deeper arrhythmia analysis using the correlation rhythmography method. In addition to the software module, a set of accessories for cardiovascular test is supplied. The test helps to evaluate a patient’s ANS state particularly in those with diabetic and toxic autonomic neuropathies.

QT Dispersion Analysis

Poly-Spectrum.NET/QT module is intended for analysis of QT interval dispersion. This index shows the depolarization-repolarization inhomogeneity, which is one of the conditions for arrhythmias.

Ventricular Late Potentials

Poly-Spectrum-8/E digital system ensures ECG recording with high resolution (high sampling rate), which is crucial for the prediction of ventricular electrical instability – a key factor in the development of serious arrhythmias. High-resolution ECG (HR-ECG) implies recording of low-amplitude high-frequency signals invisible on a conventional ECG using computer processing of the ECG signal.

Poly-Spectrum.NET/VLP module implements a special technique to record ECG with signal filtering, signal amplifying multiple times and extraction of useful information using averaging. This allows the detection of the so-called ventricular late potentials and atrial late potentials.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.