2-channel Device for ABR Testing

  • complete solution for ABR testing
  • high quality of recording
  • сhirp stimulus
  • ultimate set of transducers
  • new standard in clinical routine



Complete Solution for ABR Testing

Neuro-Audio/ABR is designed specifically for ABR testing and combines years of amplifier design and manufacturing experience to provide a flexible system. The recording is made with 1 or 2 channels for air or bone conduction.

High Quality of Recording

Well-considered system characteristics (low level of amplifier noise) and software features (adaptive notch filter, weighted averaging, statistical measures of signal and noise, up-to-date algorithms for automatic response detection) help a device user to obtain a high-quality record quickly. All  tests can be performed when patient is awake (non-sedated).

Chirp Stimulus

Chirp stimulus is a new stimulus that allows to obtain the response of higher amplitude compared to traditional stimuli. Chirp stimulus takes into account the cochlear anatomy and uses different time shift for different frequencies. Thus, the low frequencies reach the cochlea before the high frequencies. But in the cochlea itself the high-frequency receptors are located prior to the low-frequency receptors. Due to such stimulus waveform, hair cell responses along the whole length of the cochlea (or in one octave range) occur at the same time (synchronized). This leads to the increase of combined neural response that comes to the auditory nerve.

Ultimate Set of Transducers

Neuro-Audio/ABR delivery set includes TDH-39 headphones, the most popular headphones model for ABR testing in the world .

We can optionally supply Ear Tone 3A insert earphones, B-71 bone vibrator (which is applied to estimate air-bone gap to determine type of hearing loss), sound field speakers, TDH-39 acoustically shielded headphones, HDA-280 headphones.

New Standard in Clinical Routine

Modern interface, powerful database, configurable, normative data, high quality of recording and reproducible results allow a specialist to solve a wide range of daily audiological problems with highest accuracy. A battery of pre-defined test templates and features streamline the workflow and productivity. Neuro-Audio/ABR can be used both in clinics and research facilities.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

Ten20 сonductive paste1 pcs.
Сonductive and abrasive paste, G999 (EVERI)1 pcs.
Transpore medical tape1 pcs.
Technical Manual «Neuro-Audio»1 pcs.
Warranty certificate1 pcs.
User manual «Neuro-Audio.NET»1 pcs.
Calibration Guidelines "Neuro-Audio"1 pcs.
Guidelines "EABR Test"1 pcs.
Guidelines "VEMP: Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential"1 pcs.
Guidelines "How to get quality ABR and ASSR recordings"1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
License for the use of software "Neuro-Audio.NET" with additional software module "Neuro-Audio.NET/ABR"1 pcs.


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