Tiny OAE Device for Hearing Screening

  • smallest in the world, yet powerful
  • hearing screening using TEOAE and DPOAE techniques
  • easy customizable test templates
  • Bluetooth connection to export data and print out
  • Android compatible


Smallest in the World, yet Powerful

This tiny OAE unit looks like a probe connected to Android-based device. Using aScreen is like taking another set of earphones with you: it takes no space, easily connects, and provides instant results. That is why it integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

aScreen unites the capabilities of superior noise rejection and accurate calibration to maximize the quality of the test. The result is a high-end performance that helps complete everyday OAE screening tasks faster and efficiently than ever.

Hearing Screening Using TEOAE and DPOAE Techniques

aScreen can run TEOAE and DPOAE tests in a few seconds. Intuitive touch controls are quick to master and easy to use.

Easy Customizable Test Templates

aScreen comes with a set of pre-defined templates that suit the most common recording conditions. Use them or create your own to get best results any time. Set noise level, intensity, SNR pass criteria, number of frequencies for pass and other parameters.

Bluetooth to Export Data and Print out

Bluetooth interface allows printing the exam results using the wireless thermal printer and exporting the data from the device to computer with installed Neuro-Audio-Screen Manager software. This program supplied with the device simplifies keeping the patient database.

Android Compatible

aScreen is a next generation of OAE hearing screening devices. It works with many Android-based smartphones and tablets with USB On-The-Go feature. All you need is to choose a device with the screen size and battery capacity you are comfortable with.

The support of HL7 standard allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems into the information system of a healthcare facility.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

aScreen electronic unit1 pcs.
OAE-05 probe1 pcs.
OAE probe tip3 pcs.
Set of eartips , pediatric1 pcs.
Test cavity1 pcs.
Superfloss Regular dental floss1 pcs.
Probe tip extractor1 pcs.
Bluetooth adapter1 pcs.
Technical Manual "aScreen"1 pcs.
Warranty certificate1 pcs.
Calibration Guidelines "aScreen"1 pcs.
Guidelines "OAE Probes OAE-02, OAE-03, OAE-04 and aScreen Probe"1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
License for Neuro-Audio-Screen Manager software without additional modules1 pcs.


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