Neuro-ERG: new techniques are available for you now!

Neuro-ERG: new techniques are available for you now!

  • 21 May 2024

We improve our products to provide a full range of tests for each clinicians tasks!

In this way Neuro-MEP.NЕT, designed for ERG and Visual EP Studies has several new techniques available:

— Steady-state VEP (SSVEP): This technique enables objective evaluation of visual acuity. This tool becomes especially valuable for behavioral subjective assessment of visual acuity in noncompliant patients, patients with impaired speech function, in children, elderly patients with cognitive disorders. After the visual cortex responses are analysed, the software will automatically calculate and convert the visual acuity into most commonly used values.

— PERG Ratio technique: The examination procedure is similar to the conventional checkerboard reversal pattern ERG. Such approach reduces variability of PERG results and has a higher sensitivity and specificity for “latent” glaucoma detection 1 year before this disease can be diagnosed using the standard ophthalmological methods.

Neurosoft's electroretinography equipment is highly accurate and allows for comprehensive studies of visual evoked potentials. If you would like to purchase Neuro-ERG or you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Commercial Department of Neurosoft Company by phone +7 4932 95-99-99 or by e-mail We are looking forward to answering all your questions!