CMAP Scan in Neurosoft EMG systems

CMAP Scan in Neurosoft EMG systems

  • 3 July 2024

One of the key indicators of muscle activity is the number of motor units in a muscle. This parameter helps us assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation efforts and monitor the progression of diseases over time. CMAP Scan – one of the MUNE (Motor Unit Number Estimation) techniques for estimating this parameter – is available on Neurosoft electromyographs. The results are independent of the amplitude of the M-response, the method is a non-invasive, and doesn't require much time.

Neurosoft has developed its own algorithm that allows you to directly estimate the number of motor units based on the stimulus-response curve. The algorithm works on the basis of a neural network trained on 1 million records, so it was possible to significantly speed up the analysis and improve the accuracy of the assessment. Compared to earlier algorithms that take 5-6 minutes to record and analyze the parameter, our algorithm allows you to perform the evaluation in a few seconds!

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