Artificial Intelligence Safeguarding Our Health

Artificial Intelligence Safeguarding Our Health

  • 8 December 2020
  • ScienceAchievements

In our daily life, we are using artificial intelligence more and more often. Voice assistants in phones, automatic parking systems in cars, voice assistants in support services make our life much easier.

Artificial intelligence systems are also used in healthcare. And Neurosoft Company is constantly developing. We are trying to make our devices smarter, more advanced and convenient. We aim to use the most advanced technologies and algorithms.

Today we are pleased to inform you that our engineers have implemented the voice-activated control in the software of Neurosoft systems. Now you can control our systems using speech commands. To create a patient card, start acquisition or create an exam report, you no longer need to press buttons on the keyboard or click the mouse, or even come to your PC.

Voice commands not only make operation easier and more convenient, but also more secure. During the pandemic, fewer touching the equipment reduce the risk of infection as well as the need to disinfect computer equipment after each touch.

Microsoft Speech Platform supports most of the world’s languages, so you can work with the Neurosoft systems in the language you are used to speaking.