Neuron-Spectrum.NET integration with Epilog Preop

Neuron-Spectrum.NET integration with Epilog Preop

  • 19 March 2020
  • Achievements

Due to new computerized algorithms for EEG signal processing, the scope of the technique has expanded significantly. Nowadays, EEG is used not only for assessment of brain function, but also for the localization of pathological activity sources, for therapy with biological feedback method, for mapping of motor and speech areas during brain surgery. Along with new applications, new tools for EEG analysis are also being developed.

The Neuron-Spectrum.NET software has already implemented integration with such tools as:

  • LORETA, sLORETA — the program for 3D analysis of functional brain areas and their correlation;
  • Holberg SCORE — the system for automatic generation of standardized EEG reporting;
  • Persyst — the system for quantitative EEG analysis ensuring the seizure detection and trend plotting;
  • Presentation and E-Prime 3 — the programs for stimulation and acquisition of event-related brain potentials;
  • AIT Encevis — the programs for 3D localization of seizures, search of spikes and plotting of trends;
  • iSyncBrain, QEEG Prothe software tools for quantitative EEG analysis and generation of reports.

This list is ever-expanding because Neurosoft tries to intensify cooperation with various companies. We are glad to inform you that our company has integrated Epilog Preop program for 3D localization and EEG reporting.

With Epilog Preop software tools you can easily and quickly generate EEG exam reports that include the results of the automatic analysis of epileptiform activity and the quantitative EEG analysis.