• 2 April 2020
  • Achievements

In 2019 Neurosoft presented Neuron-Spectrum-6G digital EEG systems of the 6th generation. Due to the outstanding technical specifications of the new devices, they can be used to perform a number of completely new techniques. One of them is EEG recording during transcranial magnetic stimulation (EEG+TMS). This technique is used to control the dynamics of treatment during rehabilitation of post-stroke patients, as well as in various scientific researches.

Our company is the only Russian manufacturer of magnetic stimulators. With advent of digital EEG systems of a new generation, we became the first manufacturer in the world to produce completed systems for EEG and TMS.

The EEG and TMS system has successfully passed all tests in our laboratory. At that:

  • The Neuron-Spectrum-6G amplifiers do not switch to the saturation mode and continue operating when the magnetic field directly affects the electrodes.
  • After the artifact detection from the magnetic pulse, the EEG traces and the stimulus responses are still recorded.

Averaging of forty responses to repetitive magnetic stimulation shows the spread of evoked potential over the cortex, both in amplitude and latency.

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