The national project in Brazil based on the Neuromonitor system

The national project in Brazil based on the Neuromonitor system

  • 5 February 2019
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We are glad to report that the Neuromonitor cerebral function monitor is involved as the main equipment in the national Brazilian project which is called "Protect the Brain and the Future".

The aim of the project is to reduce the infant mortality and increase the level of sophisticated medical care for newborns not only in big cities of Brazil but in the country. During implementation of the program the Neuromonitor system was integrated with the Medtronic INVOS 5100C cerebral pulse oxymeter. It allowed neonatologists monitoring both the brain electrical activity of newborn and brain oxygen saturation simultaneously. This fact essentially facilitated the monitoring of dynamics of newborn treatment.

Nowadays such systems are used in 14 perinatal centers in different parts of Brazil. All the exam data are transferred to the data processing center in Sao Paulo via the Internet. In real time the qualified specialists are able to analyze the obtained data and consult the specialists on the preferred methods of treatment.

During the project 38 Neuromonitor and Medtronic INVOS 5100C systems were set up, 1000 exams were performed, 200 newborns with subclinical seizures were determined and got the timely treatment. 192 newborns had hypothermia therapy.

More detailed information you can find on the site.

This approach with the use of modern technologies allowed increasing the quality of perinatal care for newborns even in distant regions. 

The project managers plan to enlarge the number of clinics which can take part in the project all over Latin America.

From our part, we will try to upgrade our equipment to benefit specialists and patients.

We work for the sake of people’s health and we are proud of what we do!