Conference and Workshop: TMS in Psychiatry

Conference and Workshop: TMS in Psychiatry

  • 19 December 2018
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The conference on transcranial magnetic stimulation was organized by Mosneuro Company and Bach Mai Hospital on 11 of December. The leading expert from Russia Mr. E. Tsukarzi, chief of Department for Emergency Psychiatry and Brain Stimulation, Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry was invited to share his experience.

The topics of the conference:

- Methods of brain stimulation

- TMS: research in psychiatry and neurology

- TMS in psychiatry

- TMS for depression

- TMS for schizophrenia

- Prospects for the use of TMS (using neuronavigation, functional MRI and others)

- Exchange experience of using TMS in Vietnam.

On the 12 of Desember the workshop on TMS was organized in Psychiatric Hospital in Bac Giang.

The topics of workshop:

- Using TMS for depression

- Using TMS for obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and others


- Methods of using TMS