Outstanding Scientists about Neurosoft Devices

Outstanding Scientists about Neurosoft Devices

  • 1 March 2016
  • Science

Couple of days ago we got a really pleasant feedback about our Neuro-MEP-Micro EMG and NCS System from Prof. Dr. Klaus V. Toyka, an acknowledged expert in clinical electrophysiology.

Dr. Klaus Toyka is a professor of the department of Neurology at the University of Würzburg (Germany), a professor of the department of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions (the USA), an Honorary Member of Royal College of Physicians (London, UK), a Member of German National Academy of Science, an Honorary Member of American Neurological Association, an Honorary Member of the European Neurological Society.

We express our gratitude to Prof. Dr. Klaus V. Toyka for his kind words and publish his feedback below.

"In 2011, I purchased the first Evidence 3102* from Schreiber&Tholen**, Germany, for my research lab dealing with disease models of peripheral neuropathies, myasthenic syndromes, and of myelopathies in mice and rats. 

The run-in period was very short because the programs are user-friendly, dependable and adaptable to the special needs in small rodents, the youngest being 8 days old. No EMG machine I ever used before was as powerful as this one. On numerous trips to collaborating labs in the US, Germany and Switzerland I carried this equipment with me. Meanwhile 6 completely established sets are working in most of these collaborating labs.

There was no failure ever of the Neurosoft hardware, and in case of minor software problems Schreiber&Tholen provided swift and concise help through the Internet around the globe if needed — again with no precedence in my career in clinical electrophysiology. Even in lab facilities without perfect electromagnetic shielding little if any problems occurred. 

I highly recommend this equipment to anyone interested in doing clinical neurophysiology in animal models of neurologic disorders."

Klaus V. Toyka, MD

*   Evidence 3102 — Neuro-MEP-Micro 2-channel Ultraportable EMG and NCS System with the Evidence  trademark.   
** Schreiber&Tholen — the official distributor of Neurosoft company in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

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