RAAM is Nearing Completion

RAAM is Nearing Completion

  • 18 June 2013

RAAM is nearing completion. By the time of news publication the leading competitor, Christoph Strasser, most likely will be receiving congratulations in Annapolis, Maryland, at the finish.

A day before we crossed the great Mississippi River. Athletes had to cover a distance of about 30 miles in pace-cars because of high water level and road underflooding.

Gerald Bauer fights for the place in top ten, but it becomes more and more difficult for him to cover each next mile of the race. The fatigue and sleep deprivation begin to tell on him. Thanks to equipment for heart function monitoring (MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI system and Zephyr sensors) we were able to reveal the rhythm disorders in time (frequent extrasystoles, bigeminy periods) and to eliminate them using kalium load and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

In connection with the lack of sleep trainings are carried out in passive mode during the last few days. Gerald works with MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI system only for a half of evening training and during day training and the remaining part of evening training he sleeps. Besides, he is constantly affected by alternating air pressure.

In order to avoid the time wasting Gerald manages to eat and to study the plan for the remaining part of the day during trainings. As it was said before, the major part of his ration is liquid. It contains necessary vitamins and minerals.

The next news most likely will be from the finish of the race.

The video materials are kindly furnished by Hypoxi.