We Finished at RAAM 2013!

We Finished at RAAM 2013!

  • 23 June 2013

On the 21st of June at 13:52 local time Gerald Bauer finished at RAAM, the most extreme sport event in the world, in Annapolis, Maryland with total time of 9 days 22 hours 3 minutes (he came 9th). Despite the fact that our team finished 2 days behind Christoph Strasser, the leader of the race, who covered the distance in 7 days 22 hours 52 minutes, the mere fact that athlete reached the finish is very important. But nevertheless his finish became history.

 The matter is that his main competitor, Eduard Fuchs, riding 8th and having the 55 to 65 mile’s advantage before Gerald, started to lose speed. As a result, 200 miles before finish the gap between 8th and 9th place was about 20 miles (1 hour of riding). Gerald wanted to finish the race in less than 10 days and also to improve his position, and because of this he decided not to make a 2-hour evening stop and cover the distance of about 300 miles (36 hours of riding) with several short (10-15 minutes) stops. During one of these stops we carried out the last training using MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI system.

Thanks to the changed tactic and speed advantage Gerald reached Eduard, and last 30 miles they rode shoulder to shoulder, so the finish of many day-long race was really sprinter! Gerald crossed the finish line a little earlier than Eduard, but because of start time difference Fuchs gained 1 MINUTE advantage!!!

It was surprisingly, but after Gerald covered 2962,40 miles in less than 10 days he felt rather fit. At the finish he even lifted his bicycle! Our athlete gave an interview, warmly greet his competitor and compatriot Eduard, who were not so alive. In his short speech during awarding ceremony he expressed thank for MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI system use. But one more surprise awaited everybody who was at the finish – about 10 minutes after finish Gerald proposed marriage to his girlfriend, Tina, who was in accompanying team, and she accepted it. So, it was the romantic final of RAAM 2013…

But not all the athletes reached the finish yet. To the moment of news publication - almost a day after Gerald’s finish - the last athlete from South Korea was 500 miles before finish. Besides, the single Russian athlete fell out of the race 441 mile after the start.

Nevertheless, our work with Gerald is not finished. When he’ll come home he will start recovery which will not be possible without MULTISPECTRUM and Hypoxi systems and remote control of Fyodor Fomin.

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