The Half-way is Behind, but the Half-way is Still Ahead

The Half-way is Behind, but the Half-way is Still Ahead

  • 16 June 2013

The RAAM continues, and it may be said that it reaches the midpoint. The middle point of the distance is in Kansas, between Pratt and Maize. The leading competitor, Christoph Strasser, Austria, crossed the midpoint of the route almost a day ago. Our athlete, Gerald Bauer, is on the 10th place now; he does not reach the midpoint yet. Although he will hardly lead Christoph, he will struggle for a higher position: the distance between 7-9 cyclists is less than 100 miles.

Rocky Mountains are behind now, but despite the fact that now athletes ride the lowland of Kansas, the weather poses other obstacles for them. Yesterday Gerald had to make an unplanned stop because of sudden hailstorm.

Fortunately, neither Gerald nor the accompanying team has any health problems. Gerald continues his MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI daily trainings. These trainings are carried out every evening, but yesterday he managed to train during the short 20-minute stop. Besides, Zephyr sensors are used to control the athlete’s state while cycling. The analysis of the obtained data helps to estimate the fatigue dynamics and improve the tactics for the next day.