100th Neuro-ERG system was installed in South Korea!

100th Neuro-ERG system was installed in South Korea!

  • 16 June 2023
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Top Medical International Inc., our representative in South Korea, recently informed us that they have celebrated the “anniversary”: there are already 100 Neurosoft ERG systems operating in their country!

Neuro-ERG is using for clinical electrophysiologic testing of vision, which in intended for objective assessment of visual pathway starting from retina to cortex. Such diagnostics allows to:
- diagnose the disorders of retina and optic nerve at early stages;
- diagnose the congenital blindness in infants within first few months; 
- study the retina at different disorders: perform diagnostics, make prognosis and control  the pathological processes in it; 
- and assess the reversibility of changes in visual pathway required to perform target treatment.
In South Korea, more than 90% of people have some vision disorders, so the objective assessment of vision is extremely important for specialists in this country. 

We do our best to ensure that as many specialists as possible around the world become satisfied owners of our devices.