TMS & tDCS Course 2023

TMS & tDCS Course 2023

  • 7–8 December 2023
  • Netherlands, Utrecht, Hotel Mitland
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We are pleased to invite you to join the annual two-day TMS course at the end of this year in Utrecht (the Netherlands). This event is organized by leading developers of TMS equipment: Brain Science Tools BV, Soterix Medical, and Neurosoft. Practical sessions will showcase equipment from these leading companies. 

Both days consist of theoretical lectures providing the required background of TMS, and practical sessions where you can learn how to apply TMS protocols, perform MRI guided neuronavigation, and measure electromyograms (EMG) simultaneously.

The first day of the course is mostly aimed at the application of TMS and MRI-guided neuronavigation in clinical practice. Clinicians treating a variety of disorders will present their experiences using navigated rTMS for the treatment of major depressive disorder, stroke, or other clinical indications. The morning of day 2 covers advances in research applications of TMS and neuronavigation. Topics such as the biophysics of TMS, TMS-based motor mapping and paired-pulse TMS outcome measures will be discussed. The afternoon of day 2 is dedicated to tDCS and hosted by Soterix Medical. We will discuss tDCS background, the practical considerations and clinical applications. 

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