The TMS-101 course: How to start and build a successful TMS Practice


The course postponed. New dates are being specified.

The TMS 101 course will cover TMS theory, indications, and practice, and provides ample opportunity for actual hands-on practice sessions for the physician and their staff to ensure their familiarity with the safe and proper administration of TMS therapy to their patients.

During the hands-on sessions we will use an FDA cleared TMS machine to practice how to operate the device, find the landmarks needed to identify the HotSpot and DLPFC, as well as ongoing research and other applications of TMS therapy.

There will be a full afternoon session dedicated to the business principles of setting up a TMS clinic, patient outreach in the community, the hiring and training of technicians and staff, accepting cash or insurance, and CPT codes used for reimbursement.

The TMS Course is primarily targeted at practicing Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neurologists who are interested in:

  • Starting a TMS practice of their own
  • Learning about TMS principles, its indications, risks and adverse effects
  • Understanding the function and operation of TMS equipment
  • Learning and understanding the business principles of starting a TMS clinic, recruiting patients and hiring and training staff
  • Exploring future areas of research and application of TMS therapy in the fields of Psychiatry and Neurology

At the end of the Course, the provider and their staff will need to show proficiency in:

  • Describing the TMS machine function and operation
  • Becoming familiar with the Clinical indications of TMS therapy
  • Understanding the potential adverse effects of TMS therapy
  • Identifying the motor threshold and DLPC stimulation landmarks
  • Developing an understanding of how to set up a Clinical TMS Service and a familiarity with the Business principles needed to run a TMS practice