International Clinical TMS Certification Course (online)

International Clinical TMS Certification Course (online)

  • 4–6 March 2024
  • Online
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The Academy of Brain Stimulation offers the certified and accredited Online International Clinical TMS Certification Course. This 3-day academic course is taught by internationally renowned experts in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation from various prestigious academic and clinical institutes.

Participants will receive a balanced mix of academic lectures and intensive live one-on-one supervised hands-on training on Neurosoft TMS systems. This online course also offers the exact same level of accredited clinical certification as provided by on-site courses, without the need to travel to one of our course venues!

This course also offers an incredible service of providing you with the latest overview of effective TMS protocols and the most recent developments for optimizing clinical efficacy and increasing cost-effectiveness.

Available limited. Register in time here.