1st Clinical Audiology Conference

1st Clinical Audiology Conference

  • 28 January 2016 11:00 PM –11:00 PM (MSK)
  • UAE, Dubai, Ramada Hotel, Jumeirah
  • The event held, but you can take part in our other events.

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The conference is organized by ENT departments of AlQassimi Hospital (AQH-ENT) and AlZahra Hospital, Sharjah (AZHS-ENT)

This unique 1-day course is aimed at filling the gap in the knowledge of both pediatric and adult Clinical Audiology relevant to Audiological Practice, Clinical Practice of Otolaryngology and Professional Examinations. It consists of short succinct lectures covering the following important topics: Audiograms, Tympanograms, Masking, Implants for Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss, Belfast Rule of Thumb and Glasgow Benefit Plot, Congenital Syndromes and Hearing Loss, Sorting out the Malingerer (including CERA), Hearing Aids, Dizziness, Presbycusis and Recruitment, Clipping and Compression, Tinnitus, Calorics, Endolymph Flow and Nystagmus, Pediatric Audiological Assessments, Neonatal Screening (including interpretation of OAEs).

Neurosoft Company sponsors the conference.

Nikolay Smirnov is going to organize a workshop with a presentation covering the following topics: objective techniques for hearing diagnostics such as ABR, OAE and ASSR. Each technique will be described from technical and clinical points of view.

The benefits of using objective technique battery rather than separate tests will be explained. Some clinical examples of objective hearing testing of adult and pediatric patients will be reviewed. At the end of the workshop ABR, OAE and ASSR techniques will be demonstrated.

The following devices will be showcased during the workshop:

  • Neuro-Audio system for objective hearing testing using ABR, OAE, VEMP, ASSR and ECochG techniques
  • Neuro-Audio-Screen system for hearing screening of newborns
  • aScreen for DPOAE and TEOAE testing
  • plusTymp system for impedance measuring

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