Become a part of our team

Neurosoft dealers are the partners with multi-year cooperation experience. They actively promote our products on their market, have skilled staff and offer advanced training of medical personnel and medical equipment setup.

Medical equipment
at ex-works prices

Becoming our dealer, you can sell high-quality medical equipment at ex-works prices

How to Become Neurosoft Dealer

If you want to become our dealer, send an email at info[@]neurosoft[.]com, and explain why you think you can be our dealer and what advantages you can offer (and how we canbenefit from our mutual cooperation).

Our expectations for dealer candidates:

  • medical equipment experience (as an authorized dealer of any foreign brand)
  • effective management team
  • stable financial position

We offer:

  1. Dynamic and inspiring brand
  2. Competent price policy
  3. Profit-making growth
  4. Aggressive advertising and PR support
  5. Balanced product portfolio of in-demand equipment
  6. Free training of start-up engineers