Portable Wireless EEG/PSG Recorder

  • free moving during examination
  • out-patient EEG studies and video EEG monitoring (up to several days)
  • control of electrode placement during acquisition
  • EEG review and analysis during acquisition
Portable Wireless EEG/PSG Recorder

Portable Wireless EEG/PSG Recorder


Free moving during examination

Thanks to the wireless interface to transfer data to PC, Neuron-Spectrum-AM allows patients to feel comfortable and move freely within the place they are examined. A small unit is placed on the patient’s body and records EEG signal even when the patient is walking or moving from one room to another. The recorded data is always under the control of specialists. This is especially important if the patient is a child. The range of wireless interface is 50 meters and it can be increased by using several Wi-Fi access points.

Neuron-Spectrum-AM is a portable EEG and PSG recorder. Use the display and control buttons to measure impedance, start and stop examinations. With the built-in Wi-Fi module, the functionality of the system is increased. The data can be transferred to PC for review and analysis directly during the acquisition.

Out-patient EEG studies and video EEG monitoring (up to several days)

Due to modern energy management technologies, Neuron-Spectrum-AM can be used for long-term EEG monitoring up to several days. The hot battery replacement makes it possible to perform examinations practically unlimited in duration. A 32 GB memory card can store more than 30 days of continuous recording. Using such functionality, you can perform synchronous video EEG recording in ambulatory setting continuously for several days.

Control of electrode placement during acquisition

The quality of recorded signals depends directly on the quality of placed electrodes. Using Neuron-Spectrum-AM, you can measure impedance before the acquisition and directly during it. You can quickly see the electrodes applied improperly and correct their placement. The impedance of each electrode is saved in the examination. So, when you review and analyze the recorded data, you can see the signal quality for each channel. It is especially important during long-term video EEG monitoring.

EEG review and analysis during acquisition

Via Internet, the operator can connect to the laptop in the patient’s room and check the quality of EEG signal and electrode placement, as well as the patient’s condition. If the recorded data is transferred to the cloud storage, the operator can view and analyze the obtained information directly during the acquisition. After examination, all data are available in the cloud database

Delivery Set

Cable for disposable electrode with button connector, touch-proof, red, 1 m1 pcs.
Neuron-Spectrum-AM electronic unit1 pcs.
Cable for disposable electrode with button connector, touch-proof, black, 1 m1 pcs.
License for the use of software "Neuron-Spectrum.NET" with additional software module "Neuron-Spectrum.NET/Video"1 pcs.
Пилот 004205 . 0011 pcs.
Transportation bag1 pcs.
Battery charger GP1 pcs.
Memory card1 pcs.
Power unit GS2E-12P1Jl1 pcs.
Router "ZyXEL"1 pcs.
Harness , 1100 mm1 pcs.
Pouch for electronic unit1 pcs.
Neoprene belt , 1150 mm1 pcs.
Neoprene belt , 1400 mm1 pcs.
Harness , 2000 mm1 pcs.
Disposable ECG electrode pediatric PG10S1 pcs.
Electrode system MCSCap-NC21, L (54-60 sm)1 pcs.
Electrode system MCSCap-NC21, M (48-54 sm)1 pcs.
Electrode system MCSCap-NC21, S (42-48 sm)1 pcs.
IP Videocamera1 pcs.
Tripod for videocamera Joby Gorillapod Original1 pcs.

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.


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