Gait Assessment and Training System with Biofeedback

  • all-in-one: gait assessment and training system
  • targeted gait rehabilitation using biofeedback technique and motivating virtual gaming environment
  • manual or automatic training modes
  • easy to use
Gait Assessment and Training System with Biofeedback


A considerable number of patients with orthopedic, neurological, joint and neuromuscular disorders, dorsopathy and other locomotor, central and peripheral nervous system disorders have high rehabilitation potential and require active treatment and rehabilitation.

In such patient groups, one of the main rehabilitation targets is to restore walking skills. Here the rehabilitation specifics is based on recovery or compensation of the changed or lost gait function. Steadys gait trainer with biofeedback is designed to assess the gait parameters and to perform the patient-focused rehabilitation using the obtained individual measurements.

Neurosens inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors are used to record gait parameters. These miniature watch-sized electronic devices are positioned on the patient’s shank (and/or back) and record acceleration and angular velocity by three axes (ensured by built-in 3D gyroscope and 3D accelerometer) as well as EMG data from two differential channels. A total of 20 gait parameters can be recorded. The IMU sensors are wireless, powered from a rechargeable battery and transfer data to the personal computer via Wi-Fi. The signal acquisition is not affected by the surrounding metal constructions.

All-In-One: Gait Assessment and Training System

Timely and objective diagnostics of the gait disorder is of great importance for the rehabilitation process. The abnormal changes in the gait parameters are detected in the “Gait Assessment” mode which allows choosing proper activities for the rehabilitation program and control their successful performance.

Targeted Gait Rehabilitation

After the gait assessment, you can start the gait training targeted on the particular parameter that should be compensated. Thus, there will be no unnecessary information on the BFB monitor. The feedback is shown only for the particular parameter and the patient is focused on the set task.

Virtual Environment

Gait training is performed using the motivating virtual environment. This allows for more effective engagement of the patient into the training process which provides successful rehabilitation results.

Manual and Automatic Training Modes

It is important to control task performance during the gait training to keep the patient motivated. If the patient fails to perform the task, you can make it easier without training termination or more difficult if the patient succeeds in the task. This is how it works in manual mode. The control of the training performance and adjustment of the task difficulty level in the automatic mode is done by the software that streamlines end-to-end workflow and helps to save time.

Easy to Use

Steadys is quite easy to use. The workflow includes the minimum number of steps and can be quickly mastered by any technician familiar with this equipment. The interactive prompts guide the patient to the proper gait patterns.