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We Started to Supply New Version of Neuro-Audio Digital System for EP and OAE!

We started to supply Neuro-Audio (version 2010) digital system for EP and OAE. It is improved model and it has some advantages in comparison with previous device version.

New version of Neuro-Audio (version 2010) includes pure tone audiometry test. This is subjective measurement of hearing threshold as it is based on patient’s response to pure tone stimulus. The end result of test is audiogram with hearing thresholds. The automatic mode is provided which facilitates the test performing.

The pure tone audiometry has some advantages over other hearing assessment techniques (for example, ABR):

  • it detects accurate hearing thresholds for each ear;
  • it uses frequency-specific pure tone as a stimulus;
  • it uses both air and bone conduction.

The optional delivery set includes bone vibrator B-71. It is applied to estimate the cochlear reserve when determining the type of hearing loss (for pure tone audiometry and ABR techniques). For ABR test the test template allowing to study the bone conduction is added.

Neuro-Audio (version 2010) allows performing multi-ASSR test. Multi-ASSR (multiple-frequency auditory steady-state response) technique is used to perform objective frequency-specific hearing assessment. The end result of a test is an estimated audiogram. Multi-ASSR test allows obtaining threshold values equal to behavioral ones with  10-15 dB accuracy. This technique is a further development of ASSR technique and is intended to minimize the exam time due to simultaneous testing of both ears at four main audiologic frequencies (50, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz).

Using Neuro-Audio (version 2010) you can record spontaneous otoacoustic emission (SOAE) emerging in ear while the stimulus is not obtained. This technique is used for studies and has limited clinical application.

Besides, the impedance indicators are located now on the front panel. They provide the possibility to control the quality of electrode placement being near a patient.

The device provides trigger socket (trig-in/trig-out) allowing to use the external stimulator (for example, to perform ABR test at simultaneous attachment of cochlear implant to electrical stimulator).

Neuro-Audio (version 2010) is already on sale. We look forward to your orders!

Pure tone audiometryPure tone audiometry Multi-ASSRMulti-ASSR Indication on front panelIndication on front panel

Publication date: March 3, 2011

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Updated 03.03.2011
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