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EMG Lectures of Dr. Joe Jabre

At January 24 Dr. Joe Jabre, from Boston University Neuromuscular research center and Harvard University, came to São Paulo (Brazil) to present lectures on single fiber EMG, decomposition EMG, normal values in nerve conductions and a workshop.

30 doctors were present in the audience, formed mostly by experienced electromyographers. Dr. Jabre's lectures were praised a lot for their ability to make the doctors review their concepts, and they were also surprised to see how easy and fast is to perform Quantitative EMG study and Single Fiber EMG studies with the “Neuro-MEP.NET” software and the Neuro-MEP-Micro device manufactured by Neurosoft Company. Most of the doctors left with the intention to start performing SFEMG and QEMG in his routine practice, techniques still largely confined to academic practices in Brazil.


Publication date: February 2, 2009

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Updated 02.02.2009
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