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From 6 up to 10 June the International intensive course of clinical EMG took place in Mangalia city (Romania). More than 20 specialists in electromyography from different cities took part in this course. The participation of Prof. Nestianu Valeriu from Craiova city, Dr. Jean Ciurea neurosurgeon, from Bagdasar Hospital, Bucharest city, Dr. Lupescu Tudor from Bucharest, Dr. Moldovan Mircea from Elias Hospital in Bucharest city and Dr. Tibre Vasile from University Hospital in Cluj-Napoca was very important. The members were given 22.5 points according to European system for postgraduate qualification.

The main parts of this course were the reports and master-classes of Sergey Nickolaev, M.D., the medical consultant of Neurosoft Company. He examinated a number of patients with different neuromuscular diseases. He has made a very good impression among the doctors from Romania, professionals or beginners in EMG techniques.


Publication date: February 6, 2007

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