Neurosoft Company was founded in 29 January, 1992 by researches and scientists of two Ivanovo state higher education establishments: State Medical Academy and State Power University. It was the joint effort of electronics engineers, programmers and medical researchers that allowed Neurosoft to take rapidly the leading positions in the Russian market of diagnostic electrophysiological equipment. The policy of the company is to hold the competitive edge in electronic, software and medical technologies, develop high quality systems, and provide the Public Health Service with the latest scientific achievements.
Alexey Shubin, President
«It happened in 1992. With a light smile, we recall our first development. It was a device, that digitalized data from the analog (“paper”) EEG machine, uploaded it to the computer, analysed and printed it out using the common PC printer. In fact, it was just an attachment to EEG systems produced by other manufacturers, not a self-dependent device. Nevertheless, it was our start. Now the series of digital EEG systems is one of our main product lines as well as digital EMG systems, magnetic stimulators, digital ECG systems and spirometers».
Sergey Shmeliov, Technical Director
«We are proud that everything manufactured by our company, was developed by ourselves. About half of our company's staff takes part in the development and modernization of the produced equipment. For example, commercial department prompts us the market trends, service department forwards us a lot of customer's wishes and then the engineers and programmers realize it in a best way. In 2007 we started the conversion of all the software to the most modern .NET framework and nowadays the most users state firmly that Neuro-MEP.NET (our first development on this platform) is the best software for digital EMG systems in the world confirming the accuracy and the timeliness of this move».
Elena Morozova, Financial Director
«One of the key strategic decisions influenced Neurosoft company and all our production greatly was made in 2001. It was a decision to certify the manufacture according to ISO quality management system and receive the European certificates of conformance on the manufactured equipment (CE mark). The purpose of certification was International market entry. Our certification partner became German company EuroCat».
Nickolay Smirnov, CCO
«The availability of the International certificates allows us to sell our production in all countries of the world freely. Since 2004 we take part regularly in the biggest International exhibitions: Medica in Germany, Arab Health in the United Arab Emirates, KIMES in South Korea, Hospitalar in Brazil. Now we export more than a half of the produced equipment. At the present moment our devices operate successfully in 65 countries of the world, and we have the authorized representatives in 18 countries. Our main partners are located in France, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Brazil, India, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia».
Mikhail Durdin, Development director
«For you, our customers, all these words can seem the simple boasting, but there is just one snag to it. The requirements made to the quality, technical filling and digital system functionality increase with the number of highly skilled users all over the world. It makes us improve constantly our software and hardware to be competitive to such well-known brands as, for example, Nicolet and Nihon Kohden. The result is high-quality equipment with moderate price! We are not just the commercial company, whose the only and the firm goal is making money. Making a profit is always the sequence of the more noble aspirations. We want to change the world. We are confident in the value of the diagnostic techniques offered by our company, because they are not only the modern tendency but the result of the long-term work of the outstanding specialists we trust».