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Shipping information

  • Neurosoft products are sold through our worldwide network of certified value-added distributors. They handle customs clearance and shipping as well as maintenance and service. If you cannot find a sales office in your country, please contact sales department for further details.

    Phone: +7 (4932) 24-04-34
    Fax: +7 (4932) 24-04-35
    E-mail: info@neurosoft.com

  • We ship worldwide

    Neurosoft ships with DHL, UPS, TNT and EMS. Shipping fees are calculated on a combined basis of weight, value (for insurance purposes), and destination. Some orders are shipped in multiple parcels. We do not add additional fees to your order if we ship in multiple parcels.

  • Payment

    We accept wire transfer. Wire transfers are not directly handled on our web site. To pay using wire transfer, please send your list of items, billing name, billing address and phone number to our sales department. In return we will prepare quotation and provide you with payment instructions.

  • Customs

    During export we handle customs clearance ourselves. Please note, that our local import duties and taxes (VAT, etc.) are addded to your order.

  • Certificate of origin

    Upon your request we can issue a certificate of origin for each device shipped. This certificate is issued by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and confirms that devices are wholly manufactured in Russia.