• 20th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry

  • 14–17 October 2020
  • Thailand, Bankok, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (88 Debaratna road(km.1), Bangna Tai, Bangna)


Mental disorders are a serious problem causing enormous damage to the economy. Therefore, it is important to create a global platform to share best practices in mental health care. Such a platform is the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry to be held this year in Bangkok.

The event will bring together clinicians, researchers and chiefs from leading organizations. The program of the congress includes lectures on current trends in psychiatry, educational courses, symposiums, seminars and informal meetings with experts.

The congress will be accompanied by a specialized medical exhibition. During the exhibition Neurosoft Company will showcase Neuro-MS/D transcranial magnetic stimulator which is successfully used for treatment of major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and many others.

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