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Coil positioning tool

Special coil positioning tool to detect brain stimulation area

Main Features:

  • Effective treatment
  • Precise detection of stimulation area
  • Compact and lightweight, comfortable handle

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For TMS sessions to be as effective as possible the precise area of brain stimulation must be detected. There are various ways to do it, e.g. you can use an ordinary ruler (not accurate) or even special navigation systems (expensive).

The specially designed coil positioning tool ensures the easy and precise detection of stimulation area and correct coil positioning. Use the built-in ruler to mark the coil position on a special cap* which is put on each patient just before a TMS session. It is very convenient as you will not have to detect this position in future.

* a set of caps (two typical sizes) is included in the delivery set of Neuro-MS/D magnetic stimulators.